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Why choose Ethix ?

The French law allows French works councils to commission an accounting expert to assist them in several different contexts. The expert brings the works council an independent analysis of all elements pertaining to the economic, financial or social aspects of the company. Thus the employee representatives have a proper understanding of the financial statements and accounts and of the situation of the company.


Registered as a chartered accountant, Ethix provides support and assistance to employee representatives throughout their term in office. We combine the investigative powers of the works council expert with the proximity of a multidisciplinary team of consultants.


In addition to French works councils, Ethix can assist European works councils (EWC) and European Company (SE) works councils in their prerogatives. Depending upon the provisions of your EWC agreement, our mission will be to understand the company in its different dimensions (economic, financial, social, etc.) and its strategic choices by looking at the facts and figures and its human capital. Please contact us to clarify together how we will be able to assist your EWC and how we will carry through our expertise.

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